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Construct your entire online lending process with Credit Engine

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Solutions for Different Financial Sectors

  • Loan SMB icon

    CE Loan SMB

    Make your online lending process for small and medium businesses agile. We provide white-label system for end users and back office to support throughout the lending process.

  • Loan Enterprise icon

    CE Loan Enterprise

    Digitalize your bank’s loan operations. We support efficient communications between you and your customers and minimalize analog procedures and paperworks traditionally required.

  • Loan Porsonal icon

    CE Loan Personal

    Provide a simple and smooth online lending experience to your consumers. We pair our automated lending process with a web-oriented, user-friendly lending system.

  • Factoring icon

    CE Factoring

    Automate your online factoring. We support all kinds of invoice factoring and invoice financing services.

  • POS Financing icon

    CE POS Financing

    Improve your consumer’s online purchases experiences. We provide an agile platform tailored for retailers and service providers.

  • Leasing icon

    CE Leasing

    Centralize your leasing procedures in a fully integrated, end-to-end leasing platform. We support leases in sectors including automobile and consumer goods.

Covering the entire Online Lending Process

  • 1. End user Application

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    • - Web-oriented, mobile friendly interface
    • - White labeled front-end system to be tailored for your brand
  • 2. Application Processing

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    • - Paperless process
    • - eKYC verification process
  • 3. Screening

    step icon
    • - Real-time scoring model with online data
    • - Connected with existing or third-party model
    • - Integrated with external DC of AML, credit bureaus and more
  • 4. Contracting /Execution

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    • - Streamlined online contract process
    • - Electronic signature
    • - Third-party provider integration
  • 5. Contract Managing

    step icon
    • - Credit disbursement and repayment management
    • - Payment schedules calculations and trackings
    • - Payment confirmation connected with internal/external system
  • 6. End user Repayment

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    • - Automated e-mail/SMS reminder
    • - Repayment schedules reconstructions

SaaS Lending

White-label solution for your end users and manage your entire online lending process with our back office system, customizable with over 200 settings.

  • Back office

    SaaS Lending Back Office
    • - All lending transactions’ progress status in clear view
    • - Lending management and report features
    • - Integration with your internal/3rd party systems available
    • - Operable by a small team
  • End user

    SaaS Lending User Interface
    • - Seamless lending experience
    • - One-stop process from application to repayment
    • - eKYC user verification
    • - Online chat support

More Advanced Features

  • Reports icon

    Report Generation

    Customize your reports based on SQL queries. We capture key indicators and critical data for your easy analysis.

  • Chat icon

    Chat System

    Communicate with your users in real time. We log all your messages automatically in the cloud.

  • Integration by API icon

    API Integration

    Export your loan execution, repayment and other critical data in a few steps with API integration.

  • Scoring icon

    CE Credit Scoring

    Base your scoring model on online data. We offer customization to your requirements and integration with existing or third-party model.

  • Decision flows icon

    Customizable Decision Procedure

    Fully automate your approval process. We offer optional settings to create an approval flow customized with approvers and deadlines.

  • Cloud-based platform icon

    Cloud-based Platform

    We provide our cloud-based technology meeting high security and operational standards with a short development timeframe. Updates and new features are also implemented regularly.

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