Information Security

Basic method:
Credit Engine Group Inc. and its group companies (“we,” “us” or “our group companies") are committed to continuing with the mission of "Transform Lending, Borrowing, and Debt Collecting" in the financial sector for seamless, stress-free lending and collecting experience.
Information assets, including customer information handled by our group companies in their business, are extremely important as the management foundation of our group companies.
All persons handling information assets, including directors, officers, and employees, who recognize the importance of protecting information assets from risks such as leakage, damage, and loss, shall comply with this policy and practice activities to maintain information security, including confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information assets.

Basic Policy:
In order to protect our information assets, we have established an information security policy and related rules and regulations, and conduct our business following this policy and in compliance with laws, regulations, and other regulations related to information security and our contracts with our customers.
We will clarify the criteria for analyzing and assessing the risk of leakage, damage, loss, etc., of information assets, establish systematic risk assessment methods, and conduct risk assessments regularly. Based on the results, we will implement necessary and appropriate security measures.
We will establish an information security system centered on the management of each company in our group and clarify the authority and responsibilities related to information security. In addition, we will regularly educate, train, and enlighten all employees to ensure that they recognize the importance of information security and handle information assets appropriately.
We will regularly inspect and audit the status of compliance with the information security policy and the handling of information assets and promptly take corrective action for any deficiencies or improvement items found.
We will take appropriate measures against information security events and incidents, establish procedures in advance to minimize damage in such incidents, respond promptly in the event of an emergency, and take appropriate corrective measures. In addition, we will ensure the business continuity of our group companies by establishing a framework for the management of incidents, especially those that may cause business interruption, and by conducting periodic reviews of the framework.
We will establish and implement an information security management system that sets forth goals to realize our fundamental philosophy and continuously review and improve it.

Date of Establishment June 23, 2021
Credit Engine Group Inc.
CEO: Seiichiro Uchiyama