Lending | December 13, 2021

Hiroshima Bank choose Credit Engine's SaaS Lending "CE Loan SMB" as their Online Loan Service for SMB

Accelerating the Digitalization of Japan's Regional Financial Institutions of Lending Operations

Credit Engine, Inc. (CEO: Seiichiro Uchiyama, HQ in Tokyo, Japan) has announced that they signed an agreement with Hiroshima Bank to develop the SaaS Lending "CE Loan SMB" for their online lending service to business clients.

Credit Engine released "CE Loan SMB" in April 2019 and has been providing it to the top banks, regional financial institutions, and business companies in Japan and promoting the digitalization of online lending.

Credit Engine will continue with the mission of "Transform Lending, Borrowing, and Debt Collecting" in the financial sector for seamless, stress-free lending and collecting experience. It will keep developing the digitalization of the financial industry in cooperation with financial institutions and financial businesses in general.

About Credit Engine, Inc.
Credit Engine is a SaaS products provider, providing our financial sector clients with services that cover from online lending to debt collecting with our data-driven technology. Founded in 2016 with the start of the online lending service "LENDY", we are currently operating from Japan and Singapore, with our head office based in Tokyo, Japan. Our mission is to develop SaaS lending solutions that deliver a seamless, stress-free lending and collecting experience to our customers, bringing them a more effective business operations and a higher customer engagements, and in turns bringing the lending and collecting business to the next level.

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