Press | March 14, 2022

CreditEngine awards the "Japan Financial Innovation Award 2022" in a Startup category

We are pleased to announce that Credit Engine, Inc. (CEO: Seiichiro Uchiyama, HQ in Tokyo, Japan) has been recognized with the Japan Financial Innovation Award (JFIA) 2022 in the Startup category.
JFIA has a mission to promote innovative initiatives in the financial area by adopting technology and sharing best practices in the industry and expects to further expand open innovation beyond the big corporates and business sector. JFIA 2022 consists of 3 categories: Startup, Financial Institution, and Collaboration. The ceremony event was hosted by FINOLAB, a community, and space that promotes innovation in the financial sector evaluated for this award more than 500 initiatives during 2021.

About Credit Engine, Inc.
Credit Engine is a SaaS products provider, providing our financial sector clients with services that cover from online lending to debt collecting with our data-driven technology. Founded in 2016 with the start of the online lending service "LENDY", we are currently operating from Japan and Singapore, with our head office based in Tokyo, Japan. Our mission is to develop SaaS lending solutions that deliver a seamless, stress-free lending and collecting experience to our customers, bringing them a more effective business operations and a higher customer engagements, and in turns bringing the lending and collecting business to the next level.

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